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Savannah Steyn: From BRIT School to Intergalactic Star”- Biography

Savannah Steyn born in 1996, is a British actress In London, on August 30, 2023, the television world was introduced to a talented actor in British actress Savannah Stan. Born in 1996, Stan mesmerized the audience with her superlative acting. This was to make a rapid mark in the entertainment industry. Her most notable role to date has been as the lead character, Officer Ash Harper, in the thriller Sky One series “Intergalactic”, which was quite a superhero character, who took the audience on an interstellar journey in 2021. This character has become the apple of people’s eyes.

Shorts Profile

Name Savannah Steyn
BirthplaceWandsworth, London, England
Alma Mater Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Years Active2016–present
Savannah Steyn

A breathtaking performance in “Intergalactic”

Intergalactic“, a science fiction-themed drama set in a futuristic universe. A group of female prisoners commandeer a spaceship and set off on a very adventurous journey. We love Stan as Officer Ash Harper, characterized by strength, determination, and resilience. The audience liked this role very much.

With an interesting plot that explores themes of freedom, justice, and harmony, “Intergalactic” presents Savannah Stan with the perfect role to showcase her acting abilities. Stan’s incarnation as Officer Ash Harper brought the character to life, bringing both vulnerability and an imposing presence to the role. His on-screen chemistry with the cast added to the show’s appeal, making it a must-watch for both science fiction fans and general audiences. Which was seen by the audience from all over the world, which was a super experience.

Journey to stardom

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Stan’s journey to stardom began at a young age with a passion for acting. Her dedication to perfecting her craft led her to seek formal training, and her hard work finally paid off when she landed the coveted role of Officer Ash Harper. From there, her life changed. Stan’s commitment to his character and the show’s compelling story was evident in every frame, making “Intergalactic” a true testament to his talent as he presented the world with his role. that he is ready for the future

Anticipation for What’s Next

As fans and industry insiders eagerly await Savannah Steyn’s next move, one thing is certain: this young British actress has already left an indelible mark on the world of television, and her star is destined to shine even brighter in the years to come. Whether it’s on the small screen or the big screen, Savannah Steyn’s talent is sure to captivate audiences and continue to solidify her status as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

Savannah Stan was born in 1996. She comes from the vibrant South London Borough of Wandsworth. Proudly identifying with base South African descent from

 Savannah Steyn’s Early Life

the world. Stan’s journey into the world of acting began with a strong foundation of education. She studied acting at the prestigious BRIT School, an institution renowned across the world for nurturing young artistic talents. Continuing his academic pursuits, Stan graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, a testament to his dedication to mastering his craft.

Her early life was marked by her passion for the performing arts, and her educational background undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her into an accomplished actress. Stan’s exposure to various forms of artistic expression laid the groundwork for his future endeavors in the entertainment industry.

Savannah Stan’s career has been a journey of diverse roles and remarkable achievements, showcasing her versatility and skills as an actress.

Television roles:

Stan made her television debut as Kayla in the third series of the crime drama “The Tunnel,” which aired on Sky Atlantic and Canal +.

She demonstrated her acting ability by playing Chantel in the BBC Three short-form sitcom “Wannabe.”

A guest role in the Sky One series “A Discovery of Witches” added to his growing list of television credits.

The presence of film:

Stan stepped into the world of cinema by playing the role of Lisa in the 2019 horror film “Crawl,” proving her ability to excel in different genres.

Decisive role: 2021 proved to be a turning point for her career as she got the role of Ash Harper in the science fiction series Intergalactic,” which aired on Sky One. This performance showcased his range and garnered attention for his portrayal.

Savannah Steyn

Expansion of the idea:

The following year, Stan’s talent reached an even wider audience when she played young Lana Velaryon in an episode of the HBO fantasy series “House of the Dragon,” a prequel to the popular “Game of Thrones.”

The education Savannah Stan received helped her become the accomplished actress she is today and gave her a strong foundation on which to build her profession.

BRIT College:

The Brit School, a renowned institution known for fostering young talents in various artistic fields, is where Stan’s journey into the world of art began.

While at school, he was exposed to a variety of artistic inspirations, which aided in the development of his creativity and passion for performance.

Music and Drama School at Guildhall:

Stan continued his education and eventually obtained his degree from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

This prestigious college is renowned for its demanding performing arts instruction, which provides students with a well-rounded education to succeed in their chosen fields.

Stan developed his acting abilities throughout his time at Guildhall, allowing him to approach parts with a solid technical foundation and a broad understanding of his trade.

Savannah Steyn

Social Presence

Savannah Steyn, known on social media as @savannahgreenwoodsteyn, shares her life with the world in 17 adorable posts. With 14.2K followers, she follows 916 people. It is true that she is not very active on Instagram. Because so far he has posted only those 17 posts, that is why we come to know. So we can say that his social presence is less. May be it will increase in future.

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Film Life

2016FulcrumCharlieShort film
2018Ladies DayAmmaShortflix
TBA5lbs of PressureLoriUpcoming

Television Life

2017–2018The TunnelKaylah3 episodes
2018WannabeChantal4 episodes
2018A Discovery of WitchesWaitress1 episode
2020Mister WinnerLeanneEpisode: “The Interview”
2021IntergalacticAsh HarperMain role
2022House of the DragonYoung Laena VelaryonEpisode: “We Light the Way”
2023AhsokaYoung Ahsoka TanoUpcoming


  1. When was Savannah Steyn born?
    Savannah Steyn was born in 1996 in Wandsworth, London, England.
  2. How old is Savannah Steyn?
    As of now, Savannah Steyn is approximately 26 to 27 years old.
  3. What is Savannah Steyn known for?
    Savannah Steyn is known for her acting career, particularly for her roles in television series and films.
  4. What notable role did Savannah Steyn play in 2021?
    In 2021, Savannah Steyn starred as Ash Harper in the science fiction series “Intergalactic” on Sky One.
  5. Which acting school did Savannah Steyn graduate from?
    Savannah Steyn graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
  6. In which television series did Savannah Steyn make her debut?
    Savannah Steyn made her television debut as Kaylah in the third series of the crime drama “The Tunnel.”
  7. Did Savannah Steyn appear in any other television series?
    Yes, she appeared as Chantal in the BBC Three short-form sitcom “Wannabe” and made a guest appearance in the series “A Discovery of Witches.”
  8. What film role did Savannah Steyn have in 2019?
    In 2019, Savannah Steyn played the role of Lisa in the horror film “Crawl.”
  9. Is Savannah Steyn set to appear in any upcoming projects?
    Yes, Savannah Steyn is set to play young Ahsoka Tano in the upcoming Disney+ spinoff titled “Ahsoka.”
  10. Has Savannah Steyn been involved in any stage productions?
    The provided information doesn’t mention her involvement in any stage productions.


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