Elle Brooke

Elle Brooke: Actress, Social Media Star – A Bioghaphy

Elle Brooke is best known as an actress and star on Television X. According to The Sun, she has had roles in films such as Golden Shower Girls 2, Babespotting 2, and Sex in the Suburbs. Beyond her on-screen work, she is the founder and CEO of PokerStars, a company that positions itself as sex-worker-friendly and focused on diversity and inclusion. A platform called “by content creators, for content creators”, it offers its unique perspective

Shorts Profile

Full NameElle Brooke
ProfessionActress, Social Media Star
Date of BirthJanuary 12, 1998
Age24 years old
BirthplaceSurrey, South East England, United Kingdom
Height5’6″ (167 cm)
Marital StatusUnmarried
Elle Brooke

A Diverse Portfolio in the World of Entertainment

A super actress and television sensation, Elle Brooke has made a big name for herself in the world of entertainment with her remarkable performances. The Sun reports that she has been a key character in films such as “Golden Shower Girls 2,” “Babespotting 2,” and “Sex in the Suburbs.”, She has the unique experience and privilege of being the creator and CEO of PokerStars. Which is an innovative platform recognized for its sex-worker-friendly ethos.

Described as “a sex-worker-friendly platform. By content creators, for content creators”, PokerStars supports diversity and inclusion within the entertainment industry.

Which is very good and commendable. With her extensive career, Elle Brook has captured the attention of the public, giving her an important place on the global stage. Which got him a lot of publicity. And his work was also something else. This was the reason why he attracted people’s attention to you.

Unveiling the Versatile Persona

Whatever she has achieved thanks to social media, it would not be wrong to say that emerging as a model, TikTok star, and influential social media personality, Elle was born on 12 January 1998 in Surrey, South East England, United Kingdom. His journey to fame started with his lucrative TikTok account, which attracted a huge number of people because of his engaging content.

She launched a YouTube channel on May 9, 2020, although she has only released two videos so far. Beyond her digital activities, she ventured into the world of adult entertainment in 2020, and from then on, her life took a turn and changed overnight.

Elle Brooke

A Social Media Powerhouse

The rapid success Brooke found on TikTok was a testimony to her magnetic appeal. The videos she posts like this are liked by viewers of every category. And this could be the secret to his popularity. has fueled his growing fan base. Her loyalty to the English football team Manchester City endears her to fans, as she shares videos showcasing her passion for the sport on her TikTok account. People are already crazy about soccer, and Elle Brooke’s soccer obsession and her update posts are going to be special.

Bridging the Personal and Professional

Alley Brooke owes its existence to its birthplace, Surrey, South East England, United Kingdom. The beginning of his life started on January 12, 1998. Under the Libra sun sign, Elle’s long hair and striking black eyes contribute to her attractive appearance. Proudly representing the English nation, Elle’s Christian faith adds another layer to her identity.

Forging a Trail in the Entertainment Industry

Elle Brooke’s career is marked by her appearances as an actress, social media influencer, and adult model. Her contribution to the industry, accompanied by her charismatic presence, has solidified her status as a versatile and talented individual.

Elle Brooke

Elle Brooke’s Worth

While details about Elle Brooke’s net worth remain undisclosed, her multifaceted career and array of achievements hint at a thriving professional journey.

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Here are 10 key points summarizing the information about Elle Brooke:

  1. Multi-Talented Career: Elle Brooke is an accomplished actress and Television X star known for her roles in films like “Golden Shower Girls 2” and “Babespotting 2.”
  2. Entrepreneurial Spirit: She is the creator and CEO of PokerStars, a platform that supports sex workers and promotes diversity in the entertainment industry.
  3. TikTok Sensation: Elle is recognized as a TikTok star with a substantial following, thanks to her captivating videos and relatable content.
  4. YouTube Channel: In addition to TikTok, she has run a YouTube channel since May 2020, showcasing her versatility in the digital realm.
  5. Entry into Adult Entertainment: Elle ventured into the adult entertainment sector in 2020, marking a significant shift in her career journey.
  6. Passion for Football: As a devoted fan of Manchester City, she frequently shares videos on TikTok that showcase her enthusiasm for the English football team.
  7. Birthplace and Birthdate: Born on January 12, 1998, in Surrey, South East England, United Kingdom, Elle Brooke’s journey began in this picturesque location.
  8. Versatility in Appearance: Elle stands at 5’6″, with long brown hair and striking black eyes, complementing her distinct and captivating appearance.
  9. Family Connections: While details about her parents remain undisclosed, Elle’s family includes siblings, with more information yet to be revealed.
  10. Career Growth: From her debut in the AV industry with “M. With Hub” to collaborations with prominent adult models and actresses, Elle Brooke’s career continues to evolve across various entertainment sectors.


Q. Who is Elle Brooke?

  • A. Elle Brooke is a notable actress, Television X star, and social media influencer, known for roles in films like “Golden Shower Girls 2” and “Babespotting 2.”

Q. What is PokerStars and what is its connection to Elle Brooke?

  • PokerStars, founded by Elle Brooke, is a platform supporting sex workers and promoting diversity within entertainment.

Q. How did Elle Brooke become famous on TikTok?

  • A. Elle gained TikTok fame with engaging videos that resonated widely due to their relatable content.

Q. Does Elle Brooke have a YouTube channel?

  • Yes, Elle Brooke has maintained a YouTube channel since 2020, showcasing her versatility in the digital realm.

Q. When did Elle Brooke enter adult entertainment?

  • In 2020, Elle transitioned to adult entertainment, marking a significant shift in her career path.

Q. What’s Elle Brooke’s football connection?

  • A. Elle passionately supports Manchester City and shares football-related TikTok content.

Q. Where and when was Elle Brooke born?

  • A. Elle Brooke was born on January 12, 1998, in Surrey, UK, setting the stage for her journey.


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