american airlines flight attendants

American Airlines Flight Attendants

According to recent reports, the flight attendants of American Airlines decided by an overwhelming majority to authorize the strike. The union representing these employees, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, reported that more than 99% of its voting members supported giving the union the right to organize a strike. The action is being perceived as an attempt to put pressure on the airline during the ongoing negotiations over a pay hike for flight attendants.

american airlines flight attendants

Union’s Message to Management

Julie Hedrick, president of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, stressed that the overwhelming vote sends a strong message to American Airlines management. Flight attendants are expressing their displeasure and commitment to getting a higher salary as they have not received a pay hike since 2019. Hedrick cautioned American Airlines executives against underestimating the importance of this vote to authorize a strike, saying doing so could have negative consequences.

American Airlines’ Response

“We are proud of the progress we have made in our negotiations with APFA,” American Airlines said in a statement.”We look forward to reaching an agreement that will deliver real and meaningful value to our flight attendants.The airline acknowledged that the vote to authorize the strike gives flight attendants a way to express their support for a successful outcome.

The Uncertain Path to a Strike

It’s important to remember that the authorization vote doesn’t automatically signal an upcoming strike. Federal laws make it difficult for airline unions to call a strike. They often demand the conclusion of the federal mediator that further negotiations will be futile, which is an unusual circumstance. Additionally, the President and Congress have the power to intervene and potentially postpone or prevent a strike from occurring.

Contextualizing the Pay Disparities

The development comes after American Airlines pilots recently approved a contract that will increase their average pay by more than 40% over the course of four years. However, given their lower bargaining power compared to pilots, who are now in high demand, flight attendants are not expected to get such a significant pay hike.

Industry-Wide Push for Better Contracts

The flight attendants of American Airlines are not alone in taking this action; Other airline unions are also pushing for better contracts. For example, to enforce their own contractual demands, pilots of Southwest Airlines and flight attendants of United Airlines intend to protest at airports.

Finally, the resounding vote of American Airlines flight attendants to approve the strike highlights the employees’ growing frustration with pay-related concerns. While this does not immediately ensure a strike, it does send a strong message that negotiations are in progress and if no agreement is reached, more labor action could follow.


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