NFL Broadcasting Landscape

The NFL season offers a wide range of viewing options, including traditional TV, cable, and streaming services.

Media Deals and Streaming 

In 2021, the NFL signed media deals worth over $100 billion, expanding the availability of NFL games on streaming platforms. 

Media Giants Invest in Streaming

Major media companies like CBS, ESPN/ABC, and NBC are heavily investing in their streaming services to secure NFL broadcasting rights. . 

NFL's Role in TV 

The NFL remains vital for the struggling TV industry as it helps maintain the pay-TV bundle 

Streaming's Growing Presence 

Last season saw a significant increase in NFL games available on streaming platforms. 

Notable Streaming Developments 

This season introduces several streaming-related changes, including YouTube TV offering NFL Sunday Ticket.  

NFL's Impact on Networks:   

The NFL significantly drives network ratings and advertising revenue during the fall TV season. 

Broadcasting Rights

Different networks and streaming platforms have specific rights to broadcast NFL games. 

NFL Embraces Streaming

The NFL is moving towards digital distribution, as seen in the NFL Sunday Ticket shifting to YouTube TV.